3501 Wildwood Ave Jackson, MI - 517.783.2711 - @jax60jackson on Facebook and @Jax_60_

Cindy Borck
"So much affordable fun"
Dawn Stine
"They have made a ton of changes. Very nice and fun family atmosphere"
Salina Delarosa
"Words cannot describe how wonderful this place is. We took a group of our refugee kids there for a birthday party - many of which have never bowled or even seen a bowling ball in their life - and the owner paid for them. He even gave each of them a card to the arcade and bought their pop. It was truly heartwarming, and they had so much fun. I love knowing that there are places out there where the owner is out and about, working alongside their coworkers and taking an interest in their guests."
"Rock n bowl is awesome, I love the new look and ownership the remodeling definitely brought the place to life."
Kyle Hoyte
"Amazing what the new owner has done amazing center cant wait to try specto"
David Olds
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"Amazing renovations are making this a first class bowling center. Great pro shop, one of the best in the state. Check it out, you will be impressed!"
Kelly Chaffee
"Excellent service and GREAT atmosphere! Recent, HUGE renovations have really made this a great place to have fun!"